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Mike Mova

Shortsale, Foreclosure & R.E. Notes at Cosmova Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate & property financing is going thru major changes. I can help w/ challenges you are facing & resolve the issues. I could also find you great properties to acquire for pennies on the dollar so 3-5 years from now when property values shut-up again, You didn't miss the opportunity of a lifetime!


Be the change you want to see in the world.

Get access to beautiful and value-for-money homes and condos for sale in San Mateo, CA. As local and experienced realtors/agents, Cosmova will help you find homes and condos for sale from local listing so you can easily make your dream real estate purchase in San Mateo, CA a reality!

Homes and Condos for Sale

Cosmova Real Estate Solutions has a dedicated team of local agents/qualified realtors in San Mateo, CA who can match you with the right homes & condos for sale on local listings. Mike Mova and his team can point you to newly built condos and apartments or renovated homes and commercial properties on local listing so it would be easy to find a property that suits your needs. As reliable realtors/agents focusing on the San Mateo, CA real estate market listing, Cosmova also works with verified local brokers so you can be sure the condos and homes you buy from our listing are 100% in good condition and a great investment.

Local Real Estate Agents/Realtors in San Mateo, CA

Whether you are looking at homes, condos for sale, or any other type of property, it would all be a big investment. Our local agents/realtors in Cosmova Real Estate Solutions are professionals when it comes to the local real estate market in San Mateo, CA and can help you in every step of a real estate transaction. Why go through hundreds of listings when you can have professional agents/realtors point you at the right property? From searching homes for sale to finding a classy new condo for sale in San Mateo, CA, we are confident our agents/realtors and our real estate listing has you covered.

For Buyers:

Mike Mova can help you acquire great properties at even greater prices in San Mateo, CA. If you are buying homes or condos, Cosmova will help you through local listings covering San Mateo, CA so you can determine which homes or condos for sale you’d like to personally see. Mike and his team will show you listings that clearly highlight features of local properties and help you decide if it’s something you might consider. Our listing of homes and condos for sale also help you compare properties easily and narrow down your choices.

Once you’ve chosen homes or condos for sale you want in San Mateo, CA, our realtors/agents will then accompany you for an ocular inspection. Our realtors/agents will be glad to answer your questions in order to make a good decision on your purchase.

For Sellers:

Planning to put your property in San Mateo, CA for sale? Mike Mova and his team of realtors/agents can help. Our qualified agents/realtors will help you organize all information needed to create a detailed ad for local listings. Mike and his team of agents/realtors can get your condos and homes noticed on local listings faster because they know how to present your property in a professional way!


Cosmova Real Estate Solutions

Shortsale, Foreclosure & R.E. Notes

2006 – Present

I help distressed property owners. Like a House Doctor, I analyze the owners' financials & provide solutions whether to relief them by selling the underwater property for less than total loans owed to an investor, negotiate w/lenders to modify the terms in favor of the property owners.